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Photo of Whitney Houston in casket released

The National Enquirer has released a photo of the open casket at Whitney Houston’s funeral.

“She looks like Whitney Houston,” said producer Jake of the image.

“They always make sure the person looks lovely,” said Dori.

Dori and Jake debated putting the picture on the show blog.

“This is the blessing and the curse of doing a radio show, because the immediate thought is – oh, do we put this on our blog? Do we link this up for our listeners?” said Dori.

The National Enquirer is running with the picture on the cover. Dori didn’t feel comfortable forcing it out in that manner.

“If there’s somebody who doesn’t want to see it, I don’t want to just shove it up in their face,” said Dori, acknowledging he was curious when he heard about it. “In all honesty I was curious. I was curious about that photo. So if I’m curious about it I assume other people are curious about it.”

“My feeling always was it’s not our job to censor stuff from our listeners,” said Dori.

They decided it best to feature the photo on the blog as a link, so those that wanted to view it could click off to see the image, but it wouldn’t automatically appear for those that might object to seeing it.

“As soon as she passed away and as soon as I knew they were having this open casket funeral I was wondering how many days it would be before we saw this picture. Because somebody was going to take a picture and they did,” said Jake.

Dori said he wonders about the type of person that would sell such an image.

“I think it’s human nature to be curious about seeing the photo. But the person who took the picture probably with the intent of selling it to an outlet like the National Enquirer,” said Dori. “What kind of a soulless person?”

By staff

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