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Slow to a crawl – the war on cars continues

I’m absolutely convinced Mayor McSchwin knows he has no chance of reelection and is now focussed on just doing whatever he can for his little bike buddies in his remaining time as Seattle Mayor.

His latest bit of idiocy is a bill that would allow Seattle and other cities to reduce the speed limit on non-arterials to 20mph – all in the name of bicycle safety. And McGinn says he would consider lowering the speed limit on arterials as well.

McGinn’s hatred of cars and drivers is bordering on pathological. He doesn’t care how his bicycle obsession affects businesses or citizens. I do know that he is doing everything possible to make Seattle one of the most car-unfriendly cities in the country.

And he and the bicycle advocates continue to ignore a serious issue: the fact that many cycling injuries and deaths are the result of reckless and illegal bike riding.

But McSchwinn will continue to ignore that issue – and just do the bidding of the crowd that got him elected major.

One hilarious side note – check out the KING-5 video on this issue at the 1:19 mark – is that a cyclist illegally flying the wrong way around a traffic circle?

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