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Video leads to arrest of angry longshoreman


The angry longshoreman who unleashed a profanity and threat filled tirade on TV crews after last week’s union stoppage in SW Washington has been arrested, thanks to his video appearance.

Witnesses reportedly identified 45-year-old Ronald Patrick Stavas from the video that’s gone viral.

The Associated Press reports the Kelso longshoreman is accused of assaulting a guard and breaking into the EGT terminal on Thursday. He was arrested for first-degree burglary and second-degree assault. Bail was set at $50,000.

Authorities also arrested 39-year-old Shelly Ann Porter, of Longview, for trespassing when she blocked a train. She was booked and released.

The union believes it has the right to work at the EGT facility, but the company has hired a contractor using laborers from another union.

As we’ve been telling you, he would only identify himself as @#$ you $%*#sucker when crews asked him his name. But Dori and Jake think it might be wise for him to use his given name going forward.

Listen to Dori and Jake explain why the angry longshoreman won’t want to use his new name in jail


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