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President Trump may give up on the Republicans

President Donald Trump. (AP)
LISTEN: Trump May Give up on the Republicans

It’s not my goal to upset you, but we may be watching the end of any strain of conservatism in the House or Senate.

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We now have a three-party system; the Democrats, the Republicans, and Trump and his followers.  

 I am a Freedom Caucus guy because I believe every problem in this country is based on big government. We must shrink the monstrosity of the swamp.

The danger of Trump tiring of Ryan and McConnell is that Trump is not an ideological conservative. So the president may end up compromising and working with Schumer and Pelosi. This really frightens me.

The president’s base is 100 percent loyal to him and they are a political force. 

But we need to fight for smaller government because it is the only way to get things under control.​

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.​

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