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Forget bikini baristas, Puyallup coffee shop serves up male firefighters

Two of the firefighters featured on the Rescue Me facebook page. (Image courtesy of facebook)

While most barista stands making headlines feature women in bikinis, one coffee shop in Puyallup is offering up hunky male firefighters.

"Our guys are hot, so it's kind of like you get a little eye candy and a smoothie," says Teresa Maycomber, owner of Rescue Me in Puyallup. "It's kind of a double deal."

Maycomber tells 97.3 KIRO FM's Ross and Burbank Show the idea came from all the female bikini barista stands in the headlines.

"We knew of all the bikini places going on, and we said, 'Hey, why not bring in hot guys?'" says Maycomber. "I said, 'Let's bring in cute firefighters.'"

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Maycomber says she has three firefighters working at Rescue Me. "Who doesn't love a firefighter? They save lives. There's nothing sexier than that, right?"

Rescue Me hosts a hunky happy hour from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

"They're good looking, single firefighters, and I do think that women come through to see them," says Maycomber.

And while Rescue Me does add a little sexiness to your daily jolt, Maycomber says it's different from other shops in that her guys work fully clothed.

"We do not have them work with their shirts off," she says.

But she says there is one exception: "The only time you'll see them with their shirts off is during our car washes."


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