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Woman calls confrontation with Seattle superhero "most horrifying experience in my life"

The woman seen in a confrontation with Seattle's self-proclaimed superhero says getting pepper sprayed by the masked man was the "most horrifying experience in my life."

The woman seen in a confrontation with Seattle's self-proclaimed superhero says getting pepper sprayed by the masked man was the "most horrifying experience in my life."

"We were just walking down to our parking lot after having a good time in Seattle, when a little argument broke out between our group and the other group, and all of a sudden we were attacked. I turn around and we're being attacked by these guys wearing Halloween costumes," says the woman seen hitting self-proclaimed superhero Phoenix Jones with a shoe in a video posted on Jones' Facebook page.

Listen to witness describe alleged assault by Phoenix Jones

Maria says her eyes were burning and she looked around to find all of her friends on the ground.

"I was furious and mad at these guys that started chasing us, pepper-spraying from some comic book characters, and hitting us, and I started hitting him with my shoe."

Jones was arrested for assault after the incident. He insists he was breaking up a fight, but the woman seen in the video, asked to be identified as Maria, says there wasn't a fight going on.

"There was no fighting," says Maria, who admits one man did get pushed, but nothing serious was going on. "This stuff happens all the time if you're in downtown Seattle, but there wasn't going to be anything too violent going on there."

Maria says even if there were, she still doesn't think Jones acted appropriately. "He had no right to just step in and pepper spray anyone."

Jones says he's sure someone was being hurt and needed his help.

"Her and her friends were assaulting one man who was on the ground, who I have still shots and video of him getting kicked repeatedly."

Jones says there are multiple inconsistencies in Maria's story, and that what she told 97.3 KIRO FM's Ross & Burbank Show doesn't match up with information in the police report.

"The first thing in the interview she said, was that there was an argument. She admits to an argument under the viaduct," says Jones. "In the official police report I have in front of me, it says there was no argument or disagreement or fight."

Jones maintains that he did not spray any of the women, and says his pepper-spray is combined with orange dye, so anyone that got sprayed would have had orange faces.

Listen to Phoenix Jones responds to witness comments

But Maria maintains Jones sprayed everyone, and says police got it right in the first place, when they arrested him.

"The police got there right away, got the story straight. They arrested him because he assaulted us for no reason."

Maria says if Jones really wants to be a hero, he should join the police force.

"There's no superheroes in real life. It's the law, give it to the police. It's dangerous to live in a world filled with fantasy characters running around at night and spraying people."

Jones says he's looking forward to hearing The Ross & Burbank interview again in court.

Watch video of the incident:
WARNING: Video contains offensive language.

Phoenix Jones Stops Assault from Ryan McNamee on Vimeo


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