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Ed Murray
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Feeling sick about my time with Ed Murray

Ed Murray. (File, AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Finally, the city of Seattle isn’t going to have a vile embarrassment for a mayor.

I interviewed Ed Murray a handful of times on issues like Uber and the soda tax. I was a member of the media and he was a politician. Those were the roles we assumed in those interactions.

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But once, I interacted with him on a personal level. He was the guest of honor at a meeting for an emerging anti-bullying nonprofit I was involved with. The prospective board members, as well as many high school students, were in the living room of a private home. He arrived and began telling us about his personal struggles with bullies and his experiences with helping at-risk youth.

Imagine that. He was portraying himself not only as a victim, but as a savior. With kids in the room. Kids about the same age that it has been alleged he molested.

He was emotional. The room was emotional. He appeared so genuine. I feel sick thinking about that day. He convinced himself he was a good person who had helped young and troubled boys become well-adjusted men. Instead, it appears he was ruining lives.

I hate that I was manipulated into believing his narrative that afternoon.

Good riddance, Ed Murray.

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