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Ron: What Ed Murray’s Seattle legacy should be — allegedly

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray speaks at a news conference as his husband, Michael Shiosaki, right, stands nearby at City Hall Wednesday, June 14 after Delvonn Heckard dropped is sex abuse lawsuit against him. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

As of this morning, Ed Murray’s Twitter bio reads as follows: “Husband, Mayor of @CityofSeattle, civil rights champion.” It features a banner photo of him waving to the crowd as he marches in a parade. It makes my stomach turn.

Ed Murray is desperately trying to hold on to his legacy. He is trying to control the narrative down to his last disgraced minute in office like Gollum tried to control his “Precious.”

I implore you, don’t let him.

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With his resignation, isn’t he finally admitting what we’ve known for a long time? That Ed Murray sexually abused children? Our lawyers would want me to say “allegedly” because nothing has been proven in a court of law.

So because I don’t want to get sued — we have had a mayor that is an alleged pedophile. That would make him a criminal — allegedly. He is also a serial liar, master manipulator, and world class coward — allegedly.

He has used every tactic and lame excuse to try and get us to believe him. He has thrown everything he says he values in front of him like a bank robber using a grandma as a human shield. First he grabbed the gay community and used them to shield himself from the storm, saying “This is a right wing conspiracy. It’s because I’m a champion of gay rights.”

No, no it’s not. My apologies to all the people in the LGBTQ community. You got played. That sucks and I’m sorry that happened to you.

Next, our self-proclaimed civil rights champion blamed the victims.

“Oh that guy, he’s a drug user.”

“Him, he’s mentally unstable.”

“And the third and fourth guys, they have a criminal history.”

“And the fifth victim? Oh he’s a cousin that has it out for me. You know, a family squabble.”

It’s disgraceful. You can’t be a “civil rights champion” and a victim-shamer at the same time. The latter cancels out the former.

So to the courageous victims that came forward, I apologize to you, too. You are brave. It’s not your fault that this man sexually abused you — allegedly. That sucks and I’m sorry that happened to you.

So that brings me full circle. The thing we know about Ed Murray is that he desperately wants to be remembered in this aggrandized superhero image that he has crafted in his own imagination. As a community, it’s our duty to take that away from him. He has never taken responsibility for his actions. Never. He does not deserve a legacy. Not until and unless he finally makes amends for the things he has done — allegedly.

His Wikipedia page should read, “Ed Murray is the disgraced former Mayor of Seattle. He is an alleged pedophile that never took responsibility for his actions.”

Destruction, selfishness, and lies are your legacy Mr. Murray. And that’s not alleged.

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