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Ed Murray
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Seattle, why did you elect Ed Murray in the first place?

Ed Murray. (File, Associated Press)

The Mayor Ed Murray story broke nationally on Tuesday. What I want to know is why were five accusers the magic number? Why weren’t four accusers enough to get Murray to step down, let alone be prosecuted?

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On Tuesday, Murray’s cousin came forward and said Murray raped him as a young boy.  The family, according to the Seattle Times, knew about these things in Murray’s past but didn’t do anything about it.

Narcissism is a big thing in politics and it’s huge in the Democratic Party because you can control people’s lives.  As I always say, it’s the party of brute force.  Sexual perversion knows no ‘party bounds’, there have been Republicans guilty of the same thing.  I am speaking of Murray’s personality.

Now everyone is coming out against Murray.  Why weren’t they asking him to step down when there were four accusers?

The way Murray  grandstanded throughout his term, particularly with the homeless crisis, is tied into all this.

Seattle, whatever made you think this man could have been mayor in the first place?  This all goes back to the Seattle voters.  The characteristics of Ed Murray are the characteristics of a molester.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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