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Still coping with death of father, Spokane family must bury son

On Father’s Day, Scott Strahan was killed when a motor home he was working on fell on him, according to The Spokesman-Review.

On Wednesday, Scott’s son Sam was killed while witnesses say he was attempting to stop a school shooting in Rockford, a small town in Spokane County.

A GoFundMe page, which was originally created to help Scott’s two children pay for college, was updated Sept. 13 with the following message:

“Still grief stricken from the loss of my younger brother earlier this year, now I learned today that my nephew Sam was killed in this shooting at his high school when he tried to intervene to stop the shooter.

“Please help me raise money to help support the family during this difficult time.”

Sam Strahan, 15, was killed when Caleb Sharpe allegedly shot him at Freeman High School on Wednesday. Sharpe also allegedly shot three girls, all of whom are recovering at a nearby hospital.

In his father’s obituary, Sam is described as “a wonderful young man.”

Sam and Scott are survived by Sam’s mother, Ami, and sister Emily.

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