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Ed Murray
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Report: Irish police asked to investigate Ed Murray’s time in Ireland

Ed Murray. (File, AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The Police Service of Northern Ireland received a request from Amnesty International to investigate whether any allegations were made against former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray while he lived overseas.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that in the 1970s Murray led a 30-member group of Catholic and Protestant children “on a fortnight’s holiday to Wales.”

The request by Amnesty International, an organization focused on human rights, follows Murray’s resignation from office after a relative became the fifth man to accuse him of sexual abuse.

The Telegraph reports Murray, who was considered a “highly regarded Irish-American politician” with family ties in Northern Ireland, worked with several children’s groups before entering politics.

Patrick Corrigan, Amnesty International’s Northern Ireland program director, told the Telegraph the following:

As things stand, Mr. Murray has not been found guilty of any charges. however, the fact that the latest allegations of child abuse date from a period just after Mr. Murray returned from Belfast … will raise concerns about his time in Northern Ireland.

Murray worked in a Catholic-sponsored program in Ireland for about a year, The Seattle Times previously reported. He returned to the U.S. when his mother died, living with a relative in New York; which is when a cousin, then 13, alleges Murray abused him.

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