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Dori: Praying for Obama but doubtful

Dori Monson says he hit his knees to pray for President Obama after his victory over Mitt Romney, but remains convinced he's a "horrible" president. (AP image)

On the morning after Barack Obama’s decisive win over Mitt Romney, Dori Monson is stunned the nation would give him a second term despite 7.9 percent unemployment, 23 million Americans out of work and a $5 trillion debt even Obama acknowledges will continue to soar.

“We’ll be up to $20 trillion if we follow his own projections for the debt which is why I have thought he’s a horrible president.”

It didn’t stop Dori from hitting his knees Wednesday morning and praying for the president.

“We cannot continue with every American family owing well into the six figures, which is our share of the national debt. But I hope and I pray, in a literal sense, I want him to do great,” Dori says.

Obama dominated the young vote, drawing 60 percent of the under-30 crowd to just 37 percent for Romney. Dori says it’s baffling given how bad things are economically for their generation.

“This is an age group that has overall 15 percent unemployment, black youth unemployment 48 percent.”

Obama promised to reduce the debt and reform the nation’s tax code in his victory speech Tuesday night, vowing to work across the aisle, but Dori is dubious.

“He has no plan to reduce the deficit. His stated plan is to add a trillion a year to the debt. Will he cut government in any meaningful way? He can tax the rich at 100 percent and it would not deal with the spending problem that we have in this country,” he says.

Dori worries his fears things will get worse rather than better are already playing out after the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 300 points Wednesday following the election. But despite his concerns, he insists he’s hoping the president is successful

“I want him to do great and I want the country to do fantastic these next four years, I really do. I want everybody to be prosperous and happy, and I hope that happens.”

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