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The slutification of our little girls

People wonder how it’s possible to have stories like the one last week in Thurston County – where a 14 year old girl sent a nude photo of herself to her boyfriend – and it then went viral. Three kids who forwarded the picture are looking at a felony charge and the girl’s actions have turned her own life upside down as well.

The reason things like this happen is that we have a sick pop-culture that thinks it’s not only okay – but desireable – to turn little girls into sluts.

The latest example of that is in the news today. Miley Cyrus’ nine-year-old little sister Noah has announced that she is launching a new lingerie line. I repeat – SHE’S NINE YEARS OLD!

blog161009 noah2

Yeah – that’s her pole dancing with her friends and modeling the lingerie. What has happened with parenting in this country that there can be a market for this? We already know that corporate America will whore out anyone to make a buck – even little girls. But why would any parent allow this? It’s not a crime in a legal sense – but it is definitely child abuse in a moral sense.

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