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Jay Inslee says decide what’s important to you and vote accordingly

Jay Inslee and opponent Rob McKenna only have one more day to get votes in a tight race for governor. (Image courtesy Jay Inslee Facebook)

Polls have shown a close race between Washington state gubernatorial candidates Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna. The Ross and Burbank Show called up both candidates to see what they’re doing to try and turn the tides in their favor the day before the election.

Calls are still out to McKenna, but Inslee appeared in the first hour of the show on Monday.

In his 10 minutes with Ross and Burbank, Inslee shared his stance on a few issues where the candidates diverge, and asked voters to consider what matters most to them and to vote for the person that lines up with their position on those issues.

Highlighting the issues he thinks are most important, Inslee said job creation in the state is his number one. He next spoke about maintaining Washington as a “forward-thinking state.”

“We have always looked forward. We are the first state in the union that has voted to protect a woman’s right of choice,” said Inslee. “I’m the only candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood because I’m the only candidate you can trust in the constellation of these issues.”

His position on health care reform is another issue he points to where he differs from Republican opponent Rob McKenna.

“I’m the candidate who believes we should move forward with President Barack Obama on health care reform.”

The final issue that ranked on his most important list was the environment. Inslee says one of his top priorities is maintaining environmental standards in the state.

“I disagree with my opponent, who says that we ought to be willing to reduce our environmental standards when our standards exceed those of the federal government,” says Inslee.

Bottom line, he says voters should cast their votes in favor of the candidate that most represents their position on issues they see as important.

Rob McKenna did not make it on air for Ross and Burbank, but he will be making an appearance on The Dori Monson Show.

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