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MyNorthwest’s Election Night

Experts from KIRO Radio & KTTH will break down what the results really mean to the country and Washingtonians. (AP Photo/File)

Live Election Results:

Follow the live Election Day results on Find out who pulls ahead in the governor’s race, how many electoral votes Obama and Romney win, and whether your local issues are approved or rejected.

We have you covered from the president on down to the propositions.

Listen and Watch:

Celebrate Election night and get updated on the results with KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross, Dori Monson, Luke Burbank, and KTTH’s Michael Medved. They host our Election night coverage from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. heard on KIRO Radio and KTTH. The experts will break down what all these results really mean to the country and Washingtonians. You’ll hear the jubilation and heartbreak as our team learns about the winners and losers. They’ll check in with news anchor Linda Thomas and our reporters, who will be embedded with the campaigns throughout the night.

Check the LIVE cameras to find out what happens in the studio on one of the biggest nights of the year. Hands will be flying, papers will be torn, and tempers are sure to flare. You don’t want to miss seeing the KIRO Radio studio behind-the-scenes.

Hosting MyNorthwest’s Election Night:

Dave Ross – The Crusader of Common Sense claims to look at every issue and candidate with a non-partisan approach.

Dori Monson – Dori doesn’t want anyone, especially the government, meddling with people’s lives. He tries to vote Libertarian when he knows it won’t hurt the Republicans.

Luke Burbank – Luke claims to be a typical Democrat voting down the party ticket. However, he voted for Attorney General Rob McKenna for governor.

Michael Medved – National host for KTTH, Michael is confident the country is tired of President Obama and ready for a Republican.


Use your phone to check LIVE results and listen in and watch our team of experts break down the results on Election night.

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