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Oscars - that was one bad show

- Dori writes...

It's no secret that I'm not the biggest movie buff in the world but, as a talk show host, I have to stay on top of the cutting edge of pop culture. If it's true that a billion people watch the Oscars, then I figured I better tune in. Plus, my wife and daughters all wanted to watch, so it was a family event. Here are my random thoughts.

I actually Like Seth MacFarlane - but not tonight, not as an Oscar host. Painfully unfunny, way too self-conscious, did he have to laugh and clap at all of his own punchlines? They should just have a hologram of Johnny Carson host the Oscars every year.

Jennifer Hudson KILLED - man, she is a special performer.

And so is Adele - and that Bond song is great. But her voice was really weak tonight. I know she was having medical problems with her voice - that was quite apparent.

Random aside: During the broadcast tonight, I baked a pie - first pie I've ever made - cherry - outstanding.

My favorite line of the night: When Barbra Streisand sang the In Memoriam song, one of my daughters asked if she was a singer before she started acting in the Meet The Fockers movies - that movie was the only place they had ever seen her perform.

Daniel Day-Lewis is a funny guy.

Disgusting interjection of politics by having Michelle Obama introduce Best Picture. Is there nothing the POTUS and FLOTUS won't intrude on? The Super Bowl? Check. Leno, Letterman, Jimmy Fallon? Check, check and check. Jon Stewart? Double check. The Oscars?


As one listener said to me tonight on Twitter: "Kim Jong-Un called the Obamas and advised them to tone it down a little."

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