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Superstitious 12th Man shares Seahawks game-day rituals

Will these Seahawks fans have to wear these NFL-approved security bags on their head every game this season? (AP Photo)

Despite pressure from his homeowner's association, Dale Carlson, of Mill Creek, told Dori he isn't budging on his game-day ritual. Ever since the Seahawks lost to the Falcons last year, the one time Carlson didn't fly his 12th Man flag, he vowed to hoist it with pride.

KIRO Radio's Dori Monson asked his listeners if they're also taking responsibility for the Seahawks' 4-0 winning streak.

Many superstitious fans explained their game-day rituals.

Brandon in Black Diamond says...

My tradition, or superstition, I should say, started this year. I've been wearing the same Seahawks shirt for the first three games of the season, which we won. I forgot about it for this last game. I wasn't wearing it and something felt wrong. Towards the end of the third quarter I realized, hey I'm not wearing my shirt, went and threw it on, and what do you know? The game turned around. It had to be the shirt.

Stephanie in Maple Valley says...

I have two pair of Seahawks panties. I have one that is blue and another one that is green. I always wear my blue ones on blue Friday of course, and I wear my green ones on Sunday. I accidentally switched it up last week and my husband made me go change my panties.

Donna in Edmonds says...

I put my #24 jersey in the dryer and leave it there through the game. Started last year when I was doing laundry during a game, Hawks won. We joked that it was due to the jersey in the dryer. Have done it ever since...actually have friends check with me before the game to make sure I haven't forgotten to throw it into the dryer.

Mike in Spanaway says...

My superstition right now, that I just started this year, is I promised my wife and a buddy of mine, JK, that I'm not going to shave if we won this game. Obviously, we keep winning, so it's been over a month. I'm hoping all season long, no shaving. That is the goal.

Listener Stephanie says...

During a Seahawks game, I CANNOT sit down or we play badly. This season whenever I sit down, we make a bad play. Even last weekend, I was in another state and we were determined to find a spot that had the game on. We ended up driving for 45 minutes and finally found a Buffalo Wild Wings. At first, we were seated in a booth, but I got too frustrated and decided to stand the rest of the game. Then BOOM - Richard Sherman and a pick six!

What do you do to keep the Seahawks in the game?

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