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Father hopes Seahawks made memories for a lifetime

If any member of the 12th Man deserved to watch the Seahawks play in New York, it might've been 3-year-old Kalee Buetow, who challenged herself to learn every single players name, number, and position this season.

Kalee came to the nation's attention after her dad Evan posted a video of him quizzing her on her Seahawks knowledge. Teaching her about the team wasn't all Evan's idea. He first observed the interest in her.

"I heard her in her playroom one day and she was playing with her dolls and she was talking about Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll and I was just kind of dumbfounded by it," Evan told KIRO Radio's Dori Monson.

"I started teaching her more of the players, with Marshawn Lynch and the wide receivers," said Evan. "She thought it was so fun and so cool that everyone obviously thought it was so amazing that she could remember all these players. She just wanted to learn more and more and more."

After Evan posted the video of Kalee demonstrating her amazing Seahawks knowledge people took notice. Before he knew it, Kalee was on Good Morning America and ESPN. The little fan and her family got even more involved in the team's journey. When it was clear the team was going to the Super Bowl, Evan said they decided they were going.

"It was like 'we have to be a part of the Super Bowl,'" said Evan, "everything we've done this season, we have to be there for our first Super Bowl."

So Evan, Kalee, his wife and his brother made the trip. Kalee told Dori it was fun, but she didn't like the loud fireworks. Evan said this little connection with the team in such a monumental year for them meant a great deal to their family.

"I couldn't imagine a better first memory for Kalee. She's 3 years old. Hopefully that [Super Bowl] will be her first memory."

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