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Unbeknownst to him, Tim Haeck interviews Kathie Lee Gifford


Tim Haeck, 97.3 KIRO FM reporter, says he doesn't get star struck easily.

On Monday, as Tim reported from Sea-Tac on travelers struggling to get on flights in the aftermath of Hurricane, then Tropical Storm Irene, he had a celebrity encounter, only he didn't realize it.

Tim recounted the interview on 97.3 KIRO FM's Dori Monson Show.

"I was going up and down the ticketing line, to try and find people whose travel plans had been interrupted by Hurricane Irene, and wasn't having much luck, by the way. Most of the people in line had tickets that day, and weren't affected."

Listen to Tim Haeck on his encounter with Kathie Lee Gifford

Tim was talking to several people at once, they were bunched up in line, and he talked to a group of five or six people at one time. Then he found one woman, who said yes, her travel plans had been affected.

Kathie Lee Gifford had been in town working on her musical about the story of Aimee Semple McPherson at the 5th Avenue Theatre.

"The problem is," Haeck explains, "when I do MOS, I don't ask them their names." He says that in his MOS (Man on the Street) radio reports there is rarely time to report each person's name.

Haeck says he knows who Kathie Lee Gifford is, he just didn't recognize her.

"Would you say she was perturbed?" Dori asked.

Haeck says that he thinks, about 20 seconds into the 52-second interview, she begins to realize, that this local reporter doesn't know who she is.

Though, Gifford was definitely dropping hints: She says she was in the first class line, and then says, she hosts a television show in New York, and they had to find to find someone to fill in her for that morning.

Haeck says, jokingly, his report for Seattle's Morning News on Tuesday hits close to home, "I'm working on a story about eye-witness identifications and how they are sometimes flawed."


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