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Jeff Ross is taking comedy roast on the road to Seattle

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Comedian Jeff Ross is taking his show on the road to Seattle this Sunday at the Neptune Theatre. (AP)
Comedian Jeff Ross is best known as "The Roast Master General," and he's taking his show on the road to Seattle.

Ross will be performing at Seattle's Neptune Theatre on Sunday as part of his "Jeff Ross Roasts America" tour. Ross will be roasting members of the audience as he famously does during celebrity roasts on Comedy Central, and it will be taped for a television special on that very same network.

"If you're really weird-looking or fat, whether you have a mohawk or are pregnant, you have a civil obligation to your fellow Seattleites to come to my show and get speed roasted," Ross told the "Dori Monson Show" on Tuesday.

It's only been a week since Whitney Houston died, but nothing is off-limits for a comedian such as Ross. "Where was her bodyguard Kevin Costner? That's what I want to know."

All kidding aside, Ross knows some people get offended by his jokes, but it's just part of what it takes to be a comedian.

"To me comedy comes from pain and [us] comedians feel more pain than most people -- that's our trade and I can't help but make these kind of jokes," Ross explained. "I talk about everybody from Steve Jobs to Don Cornelius passing away and I feel like at the end of the show people feel better about it all, it's therapeutic."

While joking about celebrity deaths is a big part of the job, Ross admits it's difficult for him to make fun of the comedian friends he's lost along the way. Two of Ross' associates in the roasting business, Greg Giraldo and Patrice O'Neal, have died in recent years.

"Those jokes are really tough for me to make on stage, I'm still not there yet. So occasionally things are too soon," said Ross.

Making fun of living people, on the other hand, is something that comes all too easy for Ross. When Dori said it would be a career highlight for him to be roasted by the comedian, Ross responded in kind.

"One day when you're famous Dori, we'll roast you."

Ross will be performing Sunday night at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle. You can purchase tickets on the Seattle Theatre Group's website.

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