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Evergreen State College hosts sex workshops for students

By 97.3 KIRO FM Staff

A student organization at Evergreen State College hosted "sexy workshops" on campus Thursday, but not every student was thrilled with the topics.

Greeners for Choice, a pro-choice registered student group at the publicly-funded liberal arts college in Olympia, Wash., was behind the workshops, which were titled "Oral Ambitions: Cunnilingus," and "Strap-on Seductions."

The workshops were presented by an organization called "Babeland" and held in a classroom on campus.

According to a flyer for the event, the workshops included a demonstration of positions and techniques.

A senior at Evergreen brought the workshop to the attention of 97.3 KIRO-FM's The Dori Monson Show, angry that her student fees went to pay for such events.

"I am offended by this, I really feel that it is obscene," the student said. "If they want to be a campus that anything goes, that's great to a point. But there are things that cross the line and I believe today's event is one of them."

A campus spokesperson said that tax dollars and tuition were not used to put on the workshop, although mandatory students activity fees were used.

"The student activities group helps arrange hundreds of presentations a year on all kinds of topics dealing with political, social justice, entertainment, and academic topics," Jason Wettstein, Media and Community Relations Manager for Evergreen State College, said in an email.

"As a student organized activity through student activities, the college administration cannot restrict content of presentations unless the content violates the law. Prior restraint of content would be prohibited by federal law and would likely be an infringement of freedom of speech."

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