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Listen: Dave and Dori debate the debate

Mitt Romney and President Obama speak following the first presidential debate Wednesday night in Denver (AP photo)

It’s no surprise, but KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross and Dori Monson have vastly different takes on the first presidential debate between president Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney.

“Romney destroyed Barack Obama tonight,” said Monson in a post-debate discussion with Ross.

“I was not expecting Romney to be good. I thought Romney was incredibly solid. And I agree with the president’s supporters who said he’s never been more off his game tonight,” said Monson.

But Ross disagreed, calling Obama solid if not spectacular.

“I think Obama held his own. Not very dynamic but he held his own,” said Ross.

Ross argued while Romney was strong, Obama had a comeback to every point Romney made.

“And when he started asking asking Romney for the specifics on the substantial changes he wants to make in things like tax law, Obamacare, education, Romney came back with this brainstorming session saying ‘well, we could try this, we could try this’,” Ross said.

Still, Ross conceded it was a strong showing by Romney.

“Romney was certainly secure. He was clearly well informed. I think he knows what he’s talking about in terms of his own experience in Massachusetts and business.”

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