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Dori Awards – let the voting begin!

Dori writes…


13 years ago, when I first started my talk show on KIRO, there was a loud outcry to have me fired – because, according to the critics, I was so dang annoying.


When you have lemons – make lemonade. That’s why, when we decided to select the most annoying people of the year, we named the award after me. To the consternation of our critics, we’re still on the air – and Wednesday, it’s time for the 14th annual edition of the Dori Awards. Which means we need you to select the most annoying local and national people of 2008.


I’ve included e-mail votes before – but, for the first time, the votes in the comments section of this blog will also be included in our final tally. In my post yesterday, a lot of people had some great nominations – but now it’s time for your actual votes.


First, some groundrules: You may not vote for one of my KIRO colleagues – I’m a team player – if you have a problem with some other show on KIRO, call them and talk with that host directly about it.


You may not vote for one of our commercial sponsors – I’m a capitalist – and I do not bite the hand that feeds me and my family.


And finally, once someone has won a Dori Award, they are no longer eligible. And that means that past winners cannot get your vote. Here is a list of past winners who are not eligible in 2008:


Local past winners: Clay Bennett; Greg Nickels; Christine Gregoire; Paul Berendt; Jim McDermott; Ron Sims; Jeff Renner, Tim Eyman, Dori Monson.


National past winners: Al Gore; Rosie O’Donnell; Cindy Sheehan; Michael Moore; Michael Jackson; Trent Lott; George W Bush; Florida.


The ballot box is open – let the voting begin for the 2008 Dori Awards. I’ve given you a tremendous amount of power here – do not abuse it.

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