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Opinion: Why the Catholic church is wrong about gay marriage

Archbishop Peter Sartain says the Catholic church is not “against” anything. It is “for marriage, for husbands and wives.” (AP image)

Seattle’s Catholic Archbishop Peter Sartain has released a video detailing the church’s opposition to gay marriage.

Personally, I’m steeped in Catholic tradition, but my family happens to come from the more liberal wing of the church. This liberal wing is not happy with this church’s adamant stance against gay marriage.

First off, the Archbishop (of Seattle) talks about how harmful it would be, but I think he fails to demonstrate what the harm really is.

Now he suggests that somehow gay marriage would upset the very foundation of society and this man-woman bond is most fundamental to all of civilization. No, I would argue if anything, it’s family that’s what’s most fundamental. And I know many gay couples who are doing just that: raising families.

And then finally, somehow to suggest that overturning centuries of common law is somehow on the face of it a bad thing? That holds no water for me. We’ve had centuries of common law that have allowed for slavery, discrimination, racism, and sexism. You know tradition only goes so far for me. I just have to say ‘Sorry Archbishop, I dissent.’

Transcribed by Josh Kerns

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