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Interview: Paul Ryan and Romney’s ‘pro-growth plan’

Continuing down the long and winding campaign trail, Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan told Michael Medved they’ll be able to turn the economy around after the election.

“Our goal is to get this economy growing as fast as we can – we think very quickly as a result of the election, we can do that.” Ryan said that because the Romney campaign is telling people what they’re going to do right now that they will be able to accomplish their goals right away.

He learned the lesson in Wisconsin: Tell people who you are. Tell people what you believe. Tell people what your plans are to solve these problems. Then get elected and do it.

“We’re being very specific. We’ve got a 5-point plan for a stronger middle class. We’re saying how we’re going to reform these government programs to prevent a debt crisis.”

Listen to Michael Medved’s interview with Congressman Paul Ryan:

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