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You can’t advance justice by dishonoring the flag

The Seahawks elected not to participate in the national anthem on Sunday. (File, Associated Press)

When prominent athletes refuse to stand for the national anthem, their defenders insist they’re not dishonoring the flag, but pushing the nation toward social justice.

But how can you possibly advance your cause with public gestures that most Americans find irritating and offensive?

Pete Carroll: Seahawks’ demonstration was ‘for the flag,’ not against it

What milestone must society reach to convince those athlete activists that we’ve made enough progress so they can stand again for the anthem?

As for President Trump, his harsh comments only enlarged the number of players participating in the protests and prodded NFL owners — the best hope of getting team members to honor patriotic traditions — to support them in their showboating.

If we really want to end this silly, pointless battle, the players must understand that fans look to them for athletic excellence, not political guidance, and President Trump must see that giving the issue so much passionate attention only serves to expand and perpetuate the protests he seeks to end.

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