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Catas-toe-phy. In public.

I always love when Sean’s on the show. It’s nice to have a fresh voice in my ear holes every now and then, ya know? Maybe some of you feel that way about the blog. And that hurts, guys. That really hurts.


So Sean got his Vibram toe shoes and he and Luke are going to go for a jog together to test them out. For no good reason, these guys trying out these shoes is still one of my favorite things they’ve done since the Hell Pizza challenge. I just love the idea of them jogging together with their segregated toes. And, in an unlikely turn, all the positive feedback from the listeners regarding them… kind of makes me wanna take up running again. Kind of. Maybe. I’ve tried twice in my life to be ‘a runner.” I think it’s something I’d enjoy — the alone time to think my deep thoughts, the exercise, the freedom from spilled milk. Every time, though, I come to the same realization:

I don’t like running.

But maybe… since everyone says to start slow… and I don’t think I could run around the block without oxygen waiting for me at home… maybe I should give it a try. I’d have to get some real running shoes anyway. What do you think? Should I do it?

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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