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Tiny Little Mouse Wig

I’m an A++ ten because I knew the reference in the title. Those were good times.

I will not spoil anything, but Luke explaining how his mom used to get in her daily water intake made me laugh way too hard. Man, I love that woman. We need to get her to the picnic.


The gents have been a bit cynical this week. Is it just me? Facebooks, life hacks, indie films, upworthy, they are leaving no pop culture phenomenon unscathed. I agree with them about most of the items they’re going after, but, as Gob would say, “Come on!” How’s about we stop pointing out what drives us crazy and celebrate what makes us happy? Of course, I remember Jen describing the show as a discussion about what fills them with joy and what makes them angry, so I guess they’re doing exactly what they should be. I’ll answer the question everyone’s asking: My podcast is fine, thank you.

Not really. I don’t have a podcast.

Monkeys, intellectual property, Wiki… I couldn’t sum up an opinion. Tell me yours.

I’ll admit I spent most of my time waiting for the McDonald’s story so I don’t really know what happened for most of the show. Feel free to fill me in down there in the ole comments section. As much as I waited… I don’t really have much of an opinion on it either. I guess my kids sucked the opinions right out of me along with my energy to do anything more than lay on the couch and watch Top Chef on Hulu. I’m on Season 6 and I’m still upset Marcel didn’t win.

This is a mess of a blog post. I’m sorry.

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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