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RIP Robin Williams

Unlike the gents, I was a fan of Robin Williams. Not so much his stand-up, and I understand Andrew’s irritation of his persona in interviews, but I found a lot of his movies to be special and heartwarming and powerful. Patch Adams, Good Will Hunting, and World’s Greatest Dad I found to be especially compelling. Many of his movies had an emotional impact on me and I believe that’s what art should do. He was a comedian, an actor, a philanthropist, an icon, and will be deeply missed on screen as well as off.


I posted this on my personal Facebook page so I apologize if you’ve already read this, but here are my thoughts on his death. I know many view suicide as an easy out, as a selfish act, but as someone who struggles with depression herself, I just can’t view it that way.

Depression is a cruel puppet master. My heart grieves for anyone who is at its mercy as it tugs and pulls and distorts ones vision so powerfully that they feel no other choice but to give up the fight and lie down.

Let us not view Robin Williams’ death as an act of selfishness, but rather a call to action to love and truly see those who are still fighting and offer them help and hope.

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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