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This is the kid Luke and Sean were talking about. Gotta tell ya – I hope one of my kids is this adorable when they reach the ripe old age of five. That’s actually why I had two so I had twice the chances of my child becoming rich and famous and giving me a life beyond my wildest dreams. Lord knows this blogging gig ain’tgonna pay the bills.

Do not crash Sean’s party! We’re all aware of the tens sleuthing skills and this is not the time to demonstrate them. PSA over.

Here’s a secret. I’m terrified of ever having a caricature done of me. Everyone knows I’m uber white, but what you may not know is I have yet another physical anomaly. Above my right eye I have this lump of skin. It’s just a bump. Of skin. It’s only quasi-noticeable, though, as can be evidenced by my knowing people for years and them saying, “Did you run into a door or something?” because somehow “the bump” has revealed itself. So my fear is that a caricaturist will run with that and give the bump a face or something. So no caricatures of me, thanks.

I told Burbank in an email that he and Sean testing out those five-fingered “shoes” is inexplicably my favorite thing they’ve done on the show in awhile. I don’t know why. I just love the idea of them both running in these things around their neighborhoods. We all know that Luke sees himself as an athletic hero to his elderly neighbors—what are they going to think of him now? Is he going to run in normal shoes until he’s out of sight and then change into them? Will he end up embracing The Shoe and become their new spokesperson? Only time will tell.

And, finally, come to the TBTL Picnic sponsored by Chateau Ste. Michelle! I’ll be there, as will Mr. Whitest Ten.

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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