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You Could Paint it Green

Awww. Jay-Z and Beyonce may be breaking up? That’s a bummer. But… should we really care that much? They’re just another couple formed of two real people with real lives and real problems trying to make a marriage work. I’m almost always saddened by divorce, but to grieve the ending of a relationship that we have no personal part in seems kind of strange. Of course this comes from someone who, when I was a teenager, was pissed off to an angsty degree when I found out Bryan White was engaged. He was supposed to marry me. Not Erika Page.


Guys… I really tried to drum up an opinion on the Iggy Azalea thing and I don’t think I can do it. Can I just say I agree with whatever Andrew said? That’s pretty much my position when it comes to any race-related discussion. I agree with Andrew.

Confession: I really want a task rabbit. But like a real rabbit that does things for me. Like cleans my house and changes my kids’ diapers and writes these blog posts. And I would name it Snowball.

I’ve gotta go convince my kids it is, in fact, time to sleep. I need a task rabbit to do that, too.

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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