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Waiting for Bing

Sorry about the silence yesterday everyone. This albino was alsicko. I think the heat got to me or something. I’m on the mend though thanks mostly to alternating water, Gatorade, and meatloaf. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’m actually typing this from bed so pardon the brevity, but I couldn’t let you guys head into your weekend without my inane thoughts on things.


1. I love Luke’s mom. Every story he tells endears me to her even more. Much like her, “I say, I say, what’s up dog?” I too have a phrase I say when I’m confused. “Thank you, Paul Bunyan?” It’s borrowed from a good friend of mine who I think borrowed it from a friend of hers. Circle of life and all.

2. Andrew is adorable when he talks about his stuffed animals. And he also has the best laugh. Seriously. My stuffed animal tale is this. When I was born, because of the whole albinism thing, no one was sure if I could really see or not because, ya know, you can’t really play the “how many fingers am I holding up?” game with a newborn. Go figure. It wasn’t until I was a month or two old when I looked over at a Garfield stuffed animal and smiled at it. That’s how my folks knew I could see. Sweet, right? It also embedded in me a love for Garfield which is where I learned the art of sarcasm.

3. After today, I would add tech support to the list that shall not be named.

4. As far as candy I’d include in the bag, I’d have to say Chick-o-Sticks Bit-O-Honey, and anything else with an O in the middle.

5. Have a great weekend! Rumor has it you’ll be hearing me on the show sometime in the near future.

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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