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If You’re New to the Show

Why are the guys determined to ruin my nights this week? Wednesday night it was talking about awesome food.
Thursday night it was freaking me out with talking about torture and bugs and creepy movie scenes. Not awesome.


Detroit should sell the art. I was going to find some way to ease into the topic, but that’s the bottom line. If your people are suffering, your city is dying, and there’s a means to an end (am I using that phrase right?) then the city should take that opportunity. It’s like when I was struggling to pay rent back in my college days and I had to sell my nice guitar so I could make ends meet. I made the sacrifice for the better good. Sell the art, Detroit.

While I’m ranting about poor decisions, I am completely disgusted by the satire site saying that Curley had died. Not funny. Just rude and mean. Why make up mean things when there’s plenty of real stuff to be mean about on the internet? And why be mean in the first place? This week I had a post go up on a super popular mommy blog and some of the comments towards the piece, and me as a mom, were just so awful. I don’t understand why people have to share their anger issues on the internet. It makes me sad.

And oh my word I am so with Burbank on the favoriting tweets things. Retweet or move on. Unless you really like something I said. Then I guess I’ll take a favorite. I need the positive affirmation.

This has been a rollercoaster of emotion blog post brought to you by the Widowmaker or whatever that ride is called.

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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