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In the Weeds

Mike Pesca makes me tired. I love the guy, and maybe it’s because I’m not feeling well, but today’s show ended and I felt like I needed one of those gel pack things that marathon runners carry in their fanny packs.


My favorite Mike Pesca moment is from the olden days during a segment called “On the Bubble.” One of his answers as to what was on the bubble was… ice.

I fell in love with Mike at that point.

And, really, how do people not know what a podcast is? My 73 year old mother knows what a podcast is for crying out loud. I kind of agree it’s becoming a bit of a dirty word, though, because everyone does seem to have one these days. The only thing worse than having a podcast is having a blog. And I have my own blog.

And I blog for a podcast.

Mama, Mama, Mama…

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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