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Wake Up and Smell the Salsa

When Luke first said that American Top 40 was kinda lame, I admit I got super upset. Like #YesAllWomen upset.
Not really! I kid!

I was a touch offended, though, because I grew up listening to that and whatever the country version of it was. America’s Country Countdown I think. That was a big part of my childhood. And Delilah. Man, I listened to the radio a lot as a kid. I remember I had a yellow Walkman with the cheapest headphones available and I’d listen to all those shows when I should have been sleeping. I think at one point Delilah actually read one of my dedications on the air. Pretty sure it was Butterfly Kisses or something that I dedicated to my Dad. Oh memories. By the end of the episode though, I completely agreed with Burbank that Top 40 was pretty schmaltzy. But I think when we view our childhood memories through adult glasses, most things look that way. Maybe it’s the cataracts.

Much like the gents, I was also into Duck Tales, but my favorite was Darkwing Duck.

I had this old red cowboy hat I’d put on, and I’d tie a blanket around my neck, and I was DW. I’d creep around the house looking for danger. I think all I found was my sister getting into trouble.

Anyways. That’s my embarrassing nostalgic TV cartoon story. What’s yours?

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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