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All That Matters is if You’re Happy

Reunion show! Break out the Kleenex and the fond memories. I thought today’s show was a stellar throwback to the days of yore when the three original cast members hung out and worked together in the same studio. Sean made an inappropriate comment or two, Luke weighs 196, and all that matters to Jen is if she’s happy. It was just like old times—only 6 years later.

Since I’m a quasi-member of the TBTL family, here’s my take on today’s Awesome/Not Awesome.

The word awesome: “Rawr!” I have zero problem with this word still being around. Maybe it’s because it reached its peak of greatness when I was in my mid-20s so it’s forever a part of my vernacular. Maybe it’s because I don’t read enough so my vocabulary is stunted. Whatever the case, awesome is awesome.


Tattoo of KFC food: “Come on!” I have no problem with tattoos. I sport one myself on my left ankle and have had zero regrets thus far except for the fact it was done by my sister’s ex-boyfriend. That being said, getting tattoos of food just seems weird to me — especially when said food item probably won’t be around in a couple years. I believe tattoos should be able to hold their own throughout your life, and I don’t see this tattoo doing that.

Singing Nun: “Come on…?” I think I fall into the not awesome camp on this one. Cool story, kudos to her for stepping out in faith (get it? Nun? Faith?)but the hype is because she’s a nun, not because she’s a great singer. Chances are if the Voice peeps were just listening to a demo of her singing she wouldn’t get much attention So… good for her! But not awesome.

Where do you guys fall on today’s edition of Awesome/Not Awesome?

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-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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