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Call Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

TBTL Call Takers set sail from PT on Wednesday’s show and it was exactly what you would expect. Andrew couldn’t talk,there was incessant beeping from all of the tens trying to get their seven seconds of imaginary fame, and Luke sounding reeeeeaaaalllllly far away when he went to answer the phone. Things might go smoother next time if he doesn’t set the phone up across the street.

hand in a box

Shout out to Brian in Marysville and Sugarbush! Congratulations on stepping aboard the Call Takers maiden voyage, and thank you for keeping your arms and legs inside the vessel for the duration of your ride.

I was watching the thread on the sTens Facebook page where Luke posted the number, and was surprised at the number of people who were too nervous to call in. As someone who has been on the show a handful of times, allow me to set your mind at ease.

1. They’re just as scared of you as you are of them.
2. When you get off the phone you will walk around your homestead saying, “I sounded like an idiot!” You did not. I promise.
3. If you email the guys and say, “I sounded like an idiot!” there’s a good chance one of them will get back to you and tell you that you were absolutely lovely and not to worry about it.
4. If they don’t get back to you with said email, shoot me a line and I’ll tell you. Most of the emails I get involve the phrase “I imagine you’re the only one that will get back to me” and I take that seriously, folks.

It’s burning up here in the Pacific Northwest so I gotta get to packing up my winter clothes. Judging from the forecast for the next week, I’ll be unpacking them this weekend.

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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