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Half & half and 2 Splendas!

Public radio, former Seattle talk show, TBTL, and now the PT Leader. Is there a media outlet Luke can’t break into? I see great things in his future for this young man.

hand in a box

Here are my thoughts that no one cares about regarding Russell Wilson, Luke’s joke, responders to Luke’s joke, etc. We don’t know Russell Wilson. We don’t know what happened between him and his wife. No one but those two know. For Christians to feel like a leader of the faith has fallen is foolish and is very telling about where they were putting their hope and their faith in the first place. (Not that it matters, but I am an evangelical Christian.) We’re all just people and we all have problems. How about instead of getting mad at someone for making a joke, we focus on what’s really important? Keurigs are killing the planet, folks. Where’s the Sarah McLachlan commercial for that?

Seriously, though, if anyone is having recycle-guilt for tossing their k-cups into the trash bin, my children will gladly tear them to shreds for you.

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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