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Monday Afternoon Raw

As much as Burbank talks about PT and how great it is, there seems to be quite a cast of mean-spirited people. The lady in the building he works in, and now his neighbor, and I know there’s been some other characters because I’ve been meaning to make this point for a while now. Maybe it’s Luke. Maybe he’s the Murder, She Wrote protagonist Jessica Fletcher of mean people. Isn’t it weird that wherever Jessica Fletcher went someone died? Why would you have her visit your town if that was her m.o.?

Speaking of TV, this is kinda sorta not related to what the guys were talking about during their TV talk. I have two small children and we watch a ridiculous amount of TV. Sesame Street and Curious George are always on thanks to Netflix. I’m pretty sure my daughter’s first full sentence was “Mom, remote, George, please” which translates to “Mom, here’s the remote. Can we watch Curious George please?” (Thank you in advance for the kudos that my not even two year old says please.)

hand in a box

I’ve been thinking a lot about our TV consumption and how it was when I was a kid. My twin sister and I would watch the shows when they were on, but when they were off we were done and it was time to go play. My kids have the option to watch TV all day if they want and, I’ll be honest, there have been days where that’s happened. But if we didn’t have Netflix that wouldn’t be an option.

I guess what I’m saying is I want my kids to have a similar relationship with the TV that I did. I’ve been inspired. Starting tomorrow they can watch Sesame Street at 9 and Daniel Tiger at 10 and then the TV goes off for awhile. Time to break out the crayons and the play-doh.

So thanks Luke and Andrew! You can expect some angry emails from me this week around 10:45 when my kids are boring me to tears.

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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