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Appealing to a Million People

Chris Hayes! Am I the only person who wants to give him a giant bear hug and have him regale me with stories of the Bulls? I don’t even watch basketball, but if anyone can make me care I bet it’d be him. Seriously, though, I applaud any man who’s willing to sacrifice time at his job to spend time with his wife and their newborn child. My husband used up his vacation time when both of our kids were born, and having him available and present during those weeks of immense adjustment made us a stronger family unit.

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I thought Chris made a great point in his defense of CNN when he noted that these 24 hour news cycle networks aren’t meant to be watched all day. They’re mainly designed to tell us what’s going on and where it’s going on so we can feel informed and then change the channel to watch Saved By the Bell reruns. Framed that way, I feel like big news stories are almost a disservice to these networks. They feel like they have to be giving us more and more information — albeit useless at times — because they don’t know if the viewer has been watching for five hours, or just tuned in while making their box of mac and cheese for dinner. That was an incredibly long sentence. Moving on.

Finally, Luke straddling the fence on the work-life balance discussion seemed a bit contradictory to me. (I swear I love Luke. He knows I love him. I’ll stop disagreeing with him when our ratings start dropping.) After all, he moved to PT to get away from the hustle and bustle of Seattle life. He’s admitted that, though he’s taken a drastic pay cut, he’s never been happier. That’s a pretty dramatic change to his quality of life. Maybe there’s some French blood swimming through his Albanian veins.

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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