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Air Miles Aplenty

It’s so convenient that Fred Armisen just happened to stop by the Aladdin Theater when they were taping Live Wire. Talk about a stroke of good luck!

hand in a box

The interviews on Wednesday’s show with Fred and Carl Kasell were absolutely delightful. When Fred was saying he began to realize music wasn’t his gig when he just wanted out of the studio, I could totally relate. That’s how I feel about motherhood. I just want out. Like yesterday.

I kept thinking during Carl’s interview about how much history was embedded in his tall body. So many years of being involved in the news. So many stories. All the people he’s met. It made me wish I had more respect for the elder folks I come in contact with. Maybe I should stop getting annoyed that they’re in my way at the grocery store, and instead ask them to tell me what life was like before the war while I sit on their knee. That wouldn’t be weird, would it?

Today’s song of the day was suggested by “Susan Melvin Thaler” over on the sTens Facebook page. I’m unsure if it was Susan or Melvin. Maybe it was a joint effort. Either way, if you have a suggestion for a Song of the Day, email me, tweet at me, post it on the sTens page, send me a smoke signal, etc.

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Song of the Day: Helmet by The Bobs

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