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8th Time is the Charm

Did anyone else hope that Andrew would actually take Luke’s Mickey Rooney advice and just go home in hopes that elves would do his work and an angel would get its wings?

hand in a box

I loved Luke’s Mickey Rooney impression, but I think the sentiment is no bueno. Things don’t just magically work themselves out following an inspirational speech. If you’re stressed about getting something done at work… you’re still going to have to complete said thing at work whether Tony Robbins tells you it’ll all work out or not. Stuff’s gotta get done. Luke knows this and is kinda sorta the same as Andrew in terms of the hustle and bustle and stress. The difference is his stress manifests itself as a toothache in his hair roots.

To Luke’s credit, though, I think he was just trying to give Andrew an audible chill pill because, as we all know, Andrew is wound a bit too tight. So kudos to Luke for trying, but kudos rescinded because I disagree with the position.

-toni hammer // // @realtonihammer

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