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The guys somehow knew that my Friday posts were of a more self-examining nature even though they don’t read the blog. It was a weird meta psychic moment I’m sure.

hand in a box

I think the gents brought up some good stuff about happiness and what makes us happy. I gotta say this, and Andrew knows I love him, but his lack of some sort of creative endeavor makes me sad.

I think we all need a “thing.” We all need something that is ours. It has no connection to our partners, spouses, children, or boss. (In my case, my children are my boss. I keep trying Luke’s idea of “my child, my enemy,” but by dinnertime I’m spent and just let them have the house while I sit on the kitchen floor hoping they forget my existence.) We all need some sort of creative outlet that’s ours. Something to look forward to that reminds us that we are more than a spouse, more than a parent, more than a drone in a cubicle. Yes, work and family is super rewarding, but I firmly believe that if we’re taking time for ourselves, we’re going to be better people in all aspects of our lives.

For my husband, it’s magic. Yes, my husband’s side job is being a magician. A magician married to an albino. No, I don’t know why we don’t have a reality show yet. My “thing” is writing which is why I do all this work for little or no money. It’s my thing. It’s what I look forward to doing after the kids are in bed and I have some downtime. It’s what helps me feel like a complete individual in my chaotic life.

What’s your thing? Do you have a thing? Do you think it’s important to have a thing or do you disagree? Let me know and have a great weekend!

-Toni Hammer // // @realtonihammer

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