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Therapy Yourself

Gray is currently my favorite color. My favorite color for years was orange. (AP Photo)

Yesterday’s post got eaten by the interwebs which is actually good for all of you because it was pretty bad.

Not as bad, though, as me sitting here trying to come up with commentary on paint colors, baseball, and how the exception proves the rule.

I would’ve chosen the paint color Sweatshirt too since it’s the only one that actually sounded like a gray. Here’s a quick aside…

Gray is currently my favorite color. My favorite color for years was orange. Why? Well, in true TBTL fashion, I’ve been to therapy at two different points in my life. During one of these times, I worked through a bunch of issues… obviously. A lot of the stuff I worked through had to do with me hiding from people, whether in how I avoided letting people inside my brain or hiding via how I dressed – think muted colors and baggy sweatshirts. After my breakthroughs, I started wearing more bright colors because, dangit, I wanted attention. I deserved that attention. So orange it was. It was actually one of my wedding colors much to mother-in-law’s dismay.

Sorry this was tedious to get through. I’m not smart enough to weigh in on the exception/rule conversation so… color and therapy is what I had to work with.

One more quick aside! On this here blog, Lou Haney suggested that since my music taste is not so great, I crowd source the song of the day to you guys! So email or tweet me your suggestions for a song of the day and if it fits my fancy I’ll put it up!

AND (why are you still reading?) I took five seconds to set up a gmail account so if y’all have thoughts, opinions, compliments, or want my address so you can send me cookies, drop me a line.

-Toni Hammer // @realtonihammer //

TBTL Song of the Day: Prove it All Night by Bruce Springsteen
My Song of the Day (for Lou): Ten Thousand Angels by Mindy McCready

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