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The Moose Dance

Confession: I hate upworthy-ish videos. I know you all expect to me rail on the guys and disagree with everything they say, but I’m totally on board with Luke about these. I hate them. I can’t even read the title of them without seeing red. They get under my skin and make me breathe fire which creates quite a hazardous environment for my children. Down with upworthy!

hand in a box

More confession: If you tell me to listen to a song, or watch a movie, or watch a video because it’s “so good,” I guarantee I won’t do it. For some unknown reason, if something is insanely popular I run away from it. I don’t want to be a part of it. My children will never see the movie Frozen because of its popularity. I’ll tell them the exact same thing Andrew “Hard Rain” Walsh would say: I’m sorry.

Never one who wants to end on a down note, here’s an embarrassing story. My Mom, sister, and I would all watch Northern Exposure together. That’s not the bad part. That’s actually pretty cute. The bad part is during the theme song, we would do this ridiculous dance. Let me guide you through it. Take your hands, put them by the top of your head, and point up. Now alternate lifting one pointer finger, then the other, in a rhythmic fashion above your head; kind of like you’re poking holes in the sky. Now sway back and forth as you do it. That’s what we would do. The Moose Dance. I actually had to fight the urge to do it when Burbank played the song.

You’ve all gained a whole lot of insight into my very pale mind. I gotta go figure out how to get on HuffPo now.

-Toni Hammer // // @realtonihammer

P.S. On this here blog, OutLikeALamb suggested I start doing a Song of the Day. My music taste is atrocious by 99% of people’s standards, but I’ll try and do less 90’s country than I want to.

My song of the Day: Cloud Nine by Ben Howard

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