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In 3, 2, 1…


So Andrew and Luke got problems. Andrew seems to be suffering from macular degeneration but is afraid his place of employment will implode if he leaves early to get it checked out, and Luke is being attacked by tiny gnomes thanks to CrossFit. I’m glad I found out about the gnomes before I signed up. Gnomes be scary.

The gents made a comment that at least the discussion of their problems should make all of us feel better about ours. This was a nice little nod to Professor Emeritus Jen Andrews’ desire to end global loneliness. We’re all connected through this podcast. We’re all listening, laughing, and crying together while we listen. While Luke and Andrew may think their problems aren’t worthy of sharing, and they’re boring us to tears, I gotta say it really does make me feel better about my life. Not in the sense that I’m better than them because I’m so not, but in the sense that these are two normal dudes living their normal lives and it makes my life seem a whole lot more normal.

All of us go throughout our day and gather our stories. Whether it’s getting a pat on the back at work, or being run over by a grandmother with a shopping cart in the dairy aisle, we all have myriad of things going on in our life. It’s nice to be able to come home at the end of the day and realize that regardless of our geographic location or life station, we’re all alike in some way.

Cue cheesy music here. What is it with me and Friday postings getting all Hallmark-y?

Stay tuned to the blog, friendos! I’m working on a fun little weekly segment that could put some TBTL swag in your life. (Does swag mean “stuff we all get” like Michael Scott has led me to believe?)

And finally, thanks to everyone who checked out my web site, followed me on Twitter, emailed me, etc. All of your kindness makes me wanna do this for a little bit longer than two and a half weeks.

-Toni // // @realtonihammer

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