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Toni and the L’s


My husband’s name, as well as the names of both our children, begins with L so I often go around singing “T-T-T-Toni and the L’s…”

If you’re looking for a new drinking game, listen to Wednesday’s episode and take a shot every time I say “um” or “like.” Tired and emotional guaranteed.

So here’s the thing. What do YOU want from this blog? You’re reading it now so you’ve gotta be looking for something. Do you want humorous recaps? Opinions on something the guys said? Should the blog have its own segments? Contests? Giveaways? I welcome any and all suggestions. TBTL is for the listeners and I want the blog to be the same way.

And since Andrew doesn’t want people sending him cookies, I will take them all.

-Toni // // @realtonihammer

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