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Who Wants That Fresh Feeling?


red eyes, runny nose
bees, pollen, sun, oh my!
spring time has arrived

My son’s nose running like Carl Lewis tells me that spring has arrived. In the Crash Pad of Pale, that means it’s time to open the windows, clean out the closet, and make some serious life modifications.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struggling a bit with the changing scenery of TBTL. For years its headquarters has been the house with too many steps in Seattle. Even when Luke’s in Chicago, or Jen is in an undisclosed Midwest location, the show’s soggy roots were always firmly planted in the Emerald City. It’s been my imaginary home away from home: comfortable, lived in, and I don’t worry too much if I leave a towel on the bathroom floor.

Now Andrew is getting tan in So Cal, and Luke’s on his way to Port Townsend with the treadmill strapped to his back because he couldn’t bring himself to ask the movers to take it. Seattle is no longer TBTL’s residence.

Rather than fear the future— which is my first instinct towards any transition—I’ve chosen to be inspired by the new paths the gents are forging. They’re taking chances. They’re altering their personal status quo. They’re going for greener pastures. Now’s the season for all of us to make some adjustments to our lives. In the summer we’re too excited about barbecues and bonfires; in the fall we’re caught up in complaining about how we miss summer; in the winter we’re just trying to keep warm. Spring is the time of new life for the flowers and us as well.

If you have a dream, I think now is the time to go after it. Start that small business, write that novel, learn to do a cartwheel. Whatever it is you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t think you could, I encourage to run after it. If you try and fail you’ll most likely get a good story out of it at the very least. If you don’t try, though, you’ll never know.

This cheesy, inspirational blog post has been brought to you by Toni, the dreaming Ten.

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