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Now That’s Interesting

Does anyone else think U-Haul should be a sponsor of the show?

I hope KPCC is proud of itself. Their all too coincidental match-up of Live Wire vs. Press Play is causing some real talk amongst our favorite brosephs and some sincere anxiety on the sTens Facebook page.


Fear not, friendos. The perilous pairing will be over Wednesday night at 5. On the bright side, the discussion about how Luke-ster loves the hustle and Andrew hates it made me wanna do the hustle. Do it! Do the hustle!

So Luke had a kid at 17, Andrew has a lazy eye (am I the only one who didn’t know that?), and I’m albino. For a fun bonus fact, I had two letters published in the fine literary magazine Entertainment Weekly when I was 15. Who knew many years later I’d be continuing my lifelong ambition of having my thoughts published for no money or recognition?

What’s something interesting about you? Leave a comment on this page and if we get some doozies I’ll see about coercing Luke into reading some on the show. I’m here for you my fellow tens.

And I want to send my sincere congratulations to Rudy for conquering the squeaky dinosaur. We CAN achieve our dreams!

Love, T-money

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