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Flying is Scary Again

That plane is still missing? For real? We lost a whole plane full of people? That happened while I was in an airport waiting for a flight. I’m so glad the Sydney airport wifi was slow. I only had time for Facebook, Tinder, and that mixtape of songs about Game of Thrones. Seeing that story would have made me a nervous Nelly on the plane. It just disappeared. That’s scary. The thought of a plane crash doesnt scare me, as long as I’m on a Boeing plane.


My dad’s in there

My dad has been a machinist at Boeing over 20 years, and my dad does things right. I once helped him load a boat on trailer – for three hours. We loaded it once, and he saw something he didn’t like, so backed up and put it back in the water, and we loaded it again. Put that song on repeat – for three hours. It seemed crazy when I was 15, but he wasn’t driving 4 hours across the state with an improperly loaded boat. That would be crazy. If Boeing hires guys like my dad, those planes are good to go.

Full disclosure: Boeing health insurance paid for my braces and my new ACL. Thanks Boeing!

Song of the day Mother of Dragons Big Boi


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